Fem Foundry

YOUR Ultimate Power Tool for Networking, Education & Opportunity!

We are on a mission to level up networking and educational opportunities for women presenting an ingenious & affordable solution that is customised to the preferences of women led by market research.

We take a holistic and focused approach across our key pillars: 

At the heart of our community is a diverse and inspiring collection of female leaders. We believe that our age should not divide us, but instead, cross-generational friendships should be nurtured and celebrated. Driving exclusive live events and panel discussions, together we up-skill, grow and learn new perspectives in a fun and interactive environment. 

Sometimes it feels hard to find direct answers and reputable sources to professional and personal life questions. Here at Fem Foundry, our core focus is to provide you with that trusted platform.

We are extremely proud to welcome you into our thriving digital space, a welcoming community for anyone who wants to feel inspired, educated and informed.